Who wants to be the Bullionaire?

“A quick game’s, a good game” …. with this action packed, super family fun game, to make it rich!!!

Collect your Bank Notes …….                      Grab your Bullion Stack …….

Play your Action Cards …..

Win and shout Bullion!!!!

Bullion was created over 15 years ago. Through its struggles of creation and journey to this point, the fundamentals have always stayed the same. A timeless game that’s fun for everyone to play and gets family and friends around the table to have a laugh and a chat. Communication was always key!

Bullion has always played true and whether it has been played by the children or children at heart, it has constantly amazed, at how simply, players can pick up the rules and enjoy playing it. There was always the expression, “a quick game’s, is a good game”.  Fast paced and Fun.

Bullion has been a love and obsession, so there’s hope that you get many hours of enjoyment playing.

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The aim of ‘Bullion’ is to collect all five (5) of the ‘Bank Note Cards’ (held in the player’s hand, see pic 1.), while at the same time collecting ‘Bullion Cards’ to create a Bullion Stack worth $12,000,000 placed in front of the player and clearly visible to all other players (see pic 2.). Using the ‘Action Cards’ helps achieve this goal quicker…

When all the necessary cards have been collected the hand is over. The player then ends the hand by calling “Bullion”. This is done whether the players are playing in a scoring match or simply playing that the most hands wins i.e. best of 5, 7 etc…

The Cards

Find out more about the Cards in the "Bullion Card" game here.

The Rules

Find out more about the Rules of the "Bullion Card" game here.

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